Monday, June 25, 2007

Whatever Happened to 2-way Communication?

I stopped by my first-grader’s end-of-year picnic last week and found myself in a conversation with another parent about her disgust with the school. Seems she feels the administration hadn’t sufficiently punished another child when she hid this woman’s kid’s crayons one day. As a result, the parent was no longer speaking to the administrators. Then, I was talking to a neighbor last night who ran through her list of contractors and neighbors she was no longer speaking to because she wasn’t satisfied with their work or their yards or something else petty to most others.

What’s with the epidemic of over-sensitivity? Not everything is a personal affront. Sometimes, it’s just human error, an honest mistake, or plain old miscommunication. But at least it’s communication.

I work and play mainly with Generation X and Yers. Not sure if there’s anything to it, but it seems to be lately that it’s the Gen Xers with the delicate feelings, while the Ys are able to move on with life. Take things at face value. Realize not everything and everyone revolves around their happiness. Made me wonder if there’s anything to it, and I stumbled on this (

My dad always taught me, you want to be happy? Then be happy. You want to be miserable? Then be miserable. It’s that easy.

You’re free to disagree. And I’ll still speak with you afterwards. That’s a promise…or is it a threat?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Let’s Start in the Middle

When I write a speech, I always start with the ‘guts’ – the middle portion of the speech that delivers the message. Next comes the conclusion. Lastly, I write the intro. If I try to create the intro first, the remainder of the script becomes captive to it and there’s no wiggle room…I like wiggle room.

Maybe that’s why I’m struggling with this first entry. So many ideas, points and possible topics are floating in my brain, most of them loosely focused on challenges, solutions and life at a B2B marketing agency. Perhaps I’ll come back and write this intro entry after a few months, because it’s been staring blankly at me for far too long.

Let’s just get some preliminaries out of the way:

Technorati Profile
Name: Tom Eisbrenner

  1. Guide the direction of the incredibly talented team at our firm, while trying to stay out of their way.
  2. Dad to 3 funny, energy-infused, eternally curious, individually unique little girls (K.C. – 7; Mary Beth – 4; and Adison – 1).
  3. Try to keep up with my idea-generating, full-of-life, matter-of-fact, beautiful wife Holly.

And beyond:

I’ll never have enough tools in my garage or basement. A perfect day would include 2 hours at Lowe’s. I’m an avid fan of all things Spartan. I’m a cheerleader for the City of Detroit. I can hit a golf ball 300 yards…unfortunately only 150 yards of it is straight and the other 150 is due east. Go Tigers. Reading, ‘riting, ‘rithmatic – all equal favorites. And I have an intense appreciation for over-the-top practical jokes.

There. An intro that leaves me pretty much open to ‘whatever.’ I can work with that.